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Sheet Masking had without a doubt became one of the biggest beauty trends in 2017 and with 2018 half gone; we can easily say that this skincare craze stimulated by Korean Beauty regime will be persistent at the fore front of our beauty routines. It is here to stay. Therefore, to help you guys make most of these masks, we bring you some sheet mask hacks you can use while masking. Mask it out!
Keep it chilled
In most cases, keeping your sheet masks chilled can double (in some cases triple!) the benefits you avail from it. If you wish to treat irritated or dull skin, try cooling your mask in the fridge before applying. The sheet masks work due to its soothing properties which are regularly upgraded when chilled! As when our skin comes in touch with cool sheet masks, the cells become active and the pores open up, which leads to better penetration of the serums and nourishment deep down the skin!

There is nowhere you can’t mask!
You can mask anywhere and everywhere you want to, as it is the most hassle free way of taking care of your skin. Mask while you are eating, while you are laughing etc. There is no need to get distracted from the work that you are doing. Sheet masks fit into the routine very easily. Just don’t sleep with it. Sheet masks are skin-friendly and routine-friendly as well, just exactly what we wish for!

Use the mask on other parts of your body
Once you’ve wrapped up your masking session, there’s an entire side of the skin that presently can’t seem to interact with the mask. We mean all the skin apart from the face. There’s without a doubt some left out essence. To take advantage of this left out item, use it on the rest of your body parts to smooth them. Alternatively, you can use it around the rear area of your foot. Like this, you can be ensured that you are fully utilizing the serums as well, bonus of sheet masks.

 Use them before putting make-up
This is again a great benefit of sheet masking- it enhances the quality of make-up. You can look more beautiful and your skin radiates more if you mask before make-up. Cleaned up skin better co-operates with your make-up look. Let skincare and make-up go hand in hand.

No wash off afterwards!
Put the sheet mask right before going to sleep, and no need to wash the face. Patting in is the key here. Just let the serums get in the skin and do their work!  It might appear somewhat sticky at first however the extra liquid is filled with beneficial supplements and is intended to be ingested into the skin. However, if you have acne prone skin, a wash off is recommended. The night time is said to be best to put on sheet mask, however if owing to your busy schedule, you do it in daytime, it is great also, but then a wash-off would be necessary!

If you have got thrilled by these masking hacks, it is about time you get these Korean beauties in your cart!
Swaginoor is a team of skin-care enthusiasts, trying to enhance the quality of skin-care around us with our monthly subscription boxes of handpicked sheet masks.
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