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When you start to breed a cat, you should definitely learn about the various diseases of cats, whether the diseases transmitted to a person, or the various diseases of cats that affect them in all stages of their life, as well as ways to treat various cat diseases.

This section will help you to know the various cat diseases and ways to treat them.
Rabies in cats is a serious viral infection that affects the nervous system of cats and causes many symptoms that end in death as the rabies virus has no cure at all. Rabies virus is found in the environment in many countries of the world, and it usually affects mammals such as cats, dogs, bats, and cows. The rabies virus is transmitted from cats to humans […]
The third eyelid gland drooping in cats or the emergence of the eyelid and the appearance of a red puff is a sign of a disease known in the cat’s eyes known as Cherry eye. The gland hanging from the eyelid is also known as “Cherry Eye”, where it expresses the presence of a pink or red mass hanging from the eyelid of a cat. Usually, the body stops the growth of the gland by […]
Corona virus in cats, or what is scientifically called feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) causes many complications that cause death due to the aggressiveness and ferocity of this virus. This virus causes a cat’s fever, or fever, in addition to other complications. The incidence of this disease is relatively high for cat lovers who have several […]

Scabies in cats is one of the serious and contagious diseases among cats. In addition, the disease may be transmitted to humans in the form of infections and irritation in the skin, which causes many problems for humans, because scabies disease in cats is contagious to humans. In this article we will mention the definition of […]
Over production of tears in cats or Epiphora disease in cats came a question from a visitor to the veterinary clinics guide website: My cat’s eyes are getting teared a lot, so what is the solution? What is the disease of excessive tears from cats: it is a disease in which tears abound in abundance from the eye in some breeds of cats more than others. Where […]
Eye inflammation in cats What are the causes of red eyes in cats: It is a condition that causes the cat’s eye color to change and turn red, and this inflammation may be caused by various factors. One of these factors is increased blood in the eyelids (the scientific name: hyperemia) or in the blood vessels in the eye. This condition occurs when the vessels dilate […]
As with most cat diseases, knowing when a problem occurs is the first step in diagnosing a cat’s eye infection and knowing its causes. However, since many kittens can be very aggressive and difficult to handle – especially when they are not in good shape. Therefore, having knowledge of what must and not […]
Constipation in cats is a common and frequent symptom that you may notice from time to time for no reason. You may not need to treat constipation in cats if a minor symptom comes and goes in a short period, but sometimes constipation may be an indication of a serious illness for your cat. Constipation may indicate serious problems when your cat needs to […]
What is Hepatic Lipidosis? This disease is considered one of the severe diseases that affect cats and affect liver function and their ability to produce chemicals useful in the digestive process. It also affects their ability to detoxify the body, and affects their metabolism. The liver is of great importance […]
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